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At StartUp and Running, our approach is collaborative, invigorating and productive. Using visuals as a thinking tool, we bring clarity to challenges where you may not have the foggiest notion how to proceed. We partner with you to explore new opportunities and build for growth as new insights emerge.

Why spend all of your time figuring out everything by yourself?

We know you would rather spend your time designing your school, creating your product, building your team or meeting your customers.

Our creative and fast-paced strategic planning methodology yields actionable roadmaps that are bold and inspiring while being feasible with the funding and staff you have. 

Strategic Planning  

Retreat Planning

Workshop and Training Design

Design A Better Job Search Workshop

Pitch Deck Design

Impact Reports

Client and New Hire Onboarding

Team Building Toolkits

Visual Meeting Facilitation

We can help you maximize your impact. 


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